7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Custom Designed Website

Any small business owner knows what an absolute necessity it is to have a website for your growing business for numerous reasons.

Not only is the internet open for business all hours of the day, but having a website also opens up a whole new realm of opportunity for expanding your business and forming new company relationships with ease.

And if you’re a small business owner looking at getting a website, you also probably know that the template site that you were looking at on Google totally sucks.

We get it.  The template sites are tempting because it’s a “do it yourself” way of going about building your business.  As a small business owner, you probably made everything about your business happen by yourself. Those hard earned dollars were made by you and you alone, you should be proud of yourself!  Afterall, running your business is what you do best. When it comes to designing the perfect website to fit individual needs and expectations, let us do what we do best.

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More Customers, More Moolah

That’s the goal, isn’t it?  Customers keep your business running, ergo, customers are the priority.  When people want to know what your business is all about, they Google it.  After selecting that link, potential customers or clients are immediately directed to your homepage.  Your homepage is the grand entrance that potential customers see before anything else, and it’s usually what convinces them to keep looking into your products or services.

It takes customers 15 seconds to decide whether a website is worth their time.  With a typical template site, over half of those potential customers leave the site after that initial 15 seconds.  Take advantage of those 15 seconds with a pleasing-to-the-eye homepage that is customized for YOU. Making a great first impression with a great website is key to turning your potential customers into secured buyers within the first 15 seconds of contact.

Marketing Game on Point

The quality of your website is the quality of marketing you are providing for yourself.  As a small business owner, your goal should be to impress the ever-living daylights out of each and every single customer that comes across your website.  Not only that but as a small business owner you’ve hopefully figured out that you simply can’t market a poorly built website. A website is like the roots of the beautiful flower we know as marketability.  Make sure you have strong roots!

Content, content, content.  The second a customer opens the initial page, it should immediately apparent what your business is all about.  Your site should scream professionalism and boldness.  Get yourself out there to showcase your worth-while products but do it carefully.  All of your content should be unique, carefully thought out, and relevant. Remember you are competing with other professional businesses, give them something to worry about!

Do Business Your Way

Templates are so restricting.  It’s like a vice of plainness and regularism.  You aren’t a regular business, your website should portray nothing similar to that!  Going beyond those templates and having a website built for you opens up so many new realms of individuality and separates you from the other competing businesses.  Templates offer you a narrow set of choices that you have to cram your content into in a usually ineffective way that isn’t aesthetically pleasing or fun to scroll through.  Templates tell you what to do and where to put your content, which is pretty counterproductive in running your own business.  As a visionary (which if you are visiting this website, you most definitely are), you should be exercising your visionary-ness through every aspect of your business, including your website.

Compete with Larger Companies

Name one big-name company that has a site that wasn’t custom built, I’ll wait… Spoiler; it doesn’t exist.  Larger companies know what’s up in the effectiveness department, which is why their websites are so freakin’ cool and well tailored to fit their target audience.  An exceptionally memorable website-user experience is a breeding ground of loyal customers. As a small business, you already have an advantage over big brand names because you can create more personal customer service exchanges.  That’s the beauty of running a small business, you get to know your customers! Having that foothold and taking the extra step and providing a quality site for your customers to visit is exactly what your business needs to compete with (and get ahead of) larger companies.

Credibility is Key

Have you ever visited a website that made the little voice in the back of your head say “this is an excellent website for scammers to take my credit card information”?  Are you like all other paranoid online shoppers out there and have to google if every website you buy from is safe and reliable? Yeah, that’s exactly what your customers are thinking about when visiting D.I.Y. template site.  Having a custom built site assures your buyers that you are the real deal. You and your business are authentic, ready to serve people with honesty and excellence; your website should always reflect that!

Your Customers Expect It

 Remember when your mother told you to never sell yourself short?  Yea, she knows what she was talking about and I’m willing to bet your mother would say the very same thing in regards to choosing a template site or a custom built site.  One of the most inviting characteristics of a custom site is that it is mobile-friendly. No matter what device, as long as there is wifi available, anyone can see what you have to offer.  Buyers are not just expecting to be greeted by a quality site from any device, but they also expect the safety that comes with a custom site. Template sites are incredibly prone to hackers, making every transaction vulnerable and cards could easily be compromised.  Not only is it risky business, but there is also the chance that if the mother site you are operating under goes belly up, so does your website. How would you feel waking up one morning and your virtual business presence (that you spent freaking DAYS on) no longer existed?  You’d feel like you regretted not getting a custom built website for your business, that’s how you’d feel.

Getting a Website Built for You is Cost Effective

Yes, spending a ton of money on a custom built website may seem like it absolutely is not cost effective. Fear not, reader, I am here to tell you that it is indeed exceedingly cost effective for you and your small business. Let’s discuss the facts. If a website is not mobile friendly, consider your target audience nonexistent. Seriously, if you can’t get to it on an iPhone, it may as well not exist.  Don’t like that statement? Here’s something that really might scare you. 57% of users say they absolutely 10/10 would not recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile website. Do you really think a template site if mobile friendly?  Nope. That’s nearly 60% of your target audience not recommending your site to their friends. Do you and your business a favor, get a custom built site and do it ASAP. You’ll thank us later.

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