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Hiking and Camping In Bear Country

In the summer of 2017 I was a tour guide and motor coach driver for Princess and Holland America Cruises in Alaska. I would take guest to and from their hotel just outside of Denali National Park almost daily. One of the most common questions I was asked was, “What about the bears?”. I found…

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How To Find Running Gear On a Budget

There is nothing like feeling the wind in your hair and seeing the¬†world fly past you. This sensation is no longer enjoyable if your cotton t-shirt and baggy gym shorts are rubbing you raw! It’s time to get some actual running gear now that you have fallen in love with this deceivingly expensive sport. By…

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5 Reasons To Love Being Single

Recently I felt pretty horrible about myself. A few months ago I left an abusive relationships and it destroyed my self-esteem. I tried moving on and attempted to date other guys, but it was a disaster in itself. I found that I was an emotional mess and genuinely unhappy with the decisions I made when…

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Your Seasonal Job Packing Guide

For this upcoming summer I decided to run away to Alaska. I’m young, single, and full of wanderlust, so naturally this is the logical option. A few months ago I was offered a job as a driver guide, that means I’ll be driving 40-45′ busses around giving tours! I had to go through a CDL…

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Outdoor Dog Gear Essentials

Sophie wearing her Ruffwear Front Range Harness

Many of us who love adventure and the outdoors also love our dogs. Sometimes all they need is their collar and a leash to come along with. Other times, they need their own gear too. Just like us, they need the proper gear to enjoy the adventure. I’m going to talk about gear used for…

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The Ultimate Guide for Trail Running With Dogs

Every trail runner, who also happens to be a dog lover has a dream of being able to run forever with mans best friend. Sometimes this dream is reality, and….. sometimes it’s not. I’m talking to all runners/dog lovers here today. Whether you already have your dream running buddy, already have a potential running buddy…

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