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My name is Jessica. I am a life long student, an adventurer, and an environmentalist.

Who also loves digital marketing and technology.

I've always had a passion for the outdoors. It started with horse back riding as a kid and only continued on from there. I love outdoor recreation, seeing new places and experiencing new cultures.

When I was 15 I started my first business giving horseback riding lessons. My love for business and marketing grew from there. When I was 18 I landed my first job in marketing at Utah Valley University's Entrepreneurship Institute. I was the Marketing and Events Coordinator and consulted student startups on their digital marketing as well as running entrepreneurship events and coordinating with sponsors. 

A few months after I started working for Utah Valley University I became a community ambassador for Google. I was an organizer for the Utah Google Developer Group. We held monthly meetings, and yearly conferences to teach the community about Google Technology. 

After leaving Utah Valley University I became a project manager for various startup companies. One of which was a web development agency where I was able to combine my love for digital marketing and technology together. I soon learned being a project manager wasn't enough for me. I then went back to school to major in Computer Science. 

After pursing a major in Computer Science, wanderlust started to take hold of me with the desire to travel. Now I offer web design services in order to live a more nomadic lifestyle while I pursue a bachelors degree in Biology and Ecology.